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Nov 17

What is YOUR Signature Flower?  


James Bond has a signature flower, and it is a dark red carnation
Be like James Bond!

We have all seen it happen on a screen: a star receives roses after the show, and she knows who sent them without the need of a written word… Just because it’s his flower.

Signature Flowers are just that: a bloom that will represent you and convey your thoughts, alone or within any arrangement. They are the floral equivalent of a business card!


President Snow is not a good guy, but he has impeccable taste

That sounds cool! How do I choose my Signature Flower?

The same way you would for a fragrance. If no special person has chosen it for you, just step into a store, look around, touch and sniff them.

But I don’t know much about flowers, like what they are supposed to mean

That’s absolutely ok, no one else really does these days. That’s a good thing! It means you can give them meaning yourself! Almost any flower is available to you; the only one off-limits is the red rose, which universally means “I love you”.

I like check-lists, they help a lot

Here are a few tips on how to choose your Signature Flower:

  • Signature Flowers should be available all year-round: avoid Peonies, Daffodils, Sunflowers, and the like
  • Be original! Your flower should represent you: Leucadendrons or Proteas will come accross as virile ; and Carnations will be seen as classic and reliable ; while Orchids are the promise of sensual delights…
  • Roses are a staple, and are available in many different colours these days. Stay away from red and explore the possibilities of yellow, purple, green, white, or any blushed varieties
  • Make sure to let know your local florist that this is your Signature Flower ; you’ll instantly become a VIP at their eyes!
  • Call your florist ahead of time to make sure they will have them when you need them

Can you help me pick one?

Of course! We’re here to make your life easier and make you feel awesome. Come see us anytime!


Nov 02

Forget all you knew about carnations!  

And please, no carnations!

You may have given us this instruction while ordering flowers, and we understand. Prominently featured in arrangements a few decades ago, Carnations have lost their appeal for many due to their visible knotty stems and their reputation of “cheap flowers”.

But the wheel of time keeps on turning, and while this was true only a few years back, new varieties of carnations have appeared that have changed the game once more. Forget all you knew about carnations: here is a guide to flowers that you have never seen!


dark_purple_carnation_flowerThe Moon Series: fashion, fashion, fashion!

These are the flowers that completely changed the floral world. Initially a step towards the creation of the elusive Blue Rose, purple carnations have taken a life or their own with colours that are still rare to find amongst blooms. From sweet violet to dark night purple, the tones of the so-called “Moon Series” carnations are more than just in style today: they are creating style.

white-carnation-flowerThe Fragrant White: class and classic

As much as we all know that “classics never go out of style“, you might be skeptical as I tell you that the classic White Carnation has never been that popular. Beyond its pure white colour, which suits solemn occasions and bridal gowns alike, the reason for this rediscovered love is found in its clean, fresh fragrance. Discreet yet immediately noticeable, a single carnation on your table will make wonders on your mood, and they remain affordable and long-lasting.

Don’t take my word for it: see them for yourselves; touch them, smell their perfume, and fall under their spell… So will everyone around you!

Nov 12

Bridal Show Review  

We were at the bridal show a few weeks ago.

Mar 01
Westdale Florists new website launch

We have a new website!!  

We are really happy to have finally launched our brand new website!

If you haven’t make sure you follow us via Twitter, Facebook or by subscribing to our reminder service and never again forgetting about those very special occasions… Keep Reading

Jul 05
Westdale Florists: July Birth Flower

July Birth Flower  

Just like with the gems, each month has a designated birth flower. July’s birth flower is the Larkspur.

This birth flower is from the buttercup family, native throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The plants flower from late spring to late summer, and are pollinated by butterflies and bumble bees… Keep Reading


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