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July Birth Flower  

Jul 05

Just like with the gems, each month has a designated birth flower. July’s birth flower is the Larkspur.

This birth flower is from the buttercup family, native throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The plants flower from late spring to late summer, and are pollinated by butterflies and bumble bees…

Westdale Florists: July Birth FlowerOther names are, lark’s heel, lark’s claw and knight’s spur. The flower has five petals which grow together to form a hollow flower with a spur at the end, which gives the plant its name.

Many species are cultivated as garden plants and for flower arrangements with distinctive blue flowers.

All parts of the plant contain an alkaloid and are very poisonous, causing vomiting when eaten, and death in larger amounts. Contact with and/or consumption of leaves or flowers by livestock or by children who are attracted by the often-showy flowers can be fatal. Another possible cause of poisoning by this group of plants is the abuse of herbal medicines prepared from them. These medicines are almost never taken internally and even when used externally can cause skin irritation.

Alkaloids are nitrogen-bearing alkaline chemicals that originate in plants. They are derived from amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, which especially affect the nervous system. Many plants have different alkaloids present, each with specific activity. Some alkaloids are useful medicines; others are harmful, even fatal. Most are bitter tasting.

Unlike some flowers that are added to salads, this is one that should not be. Nice to look at, fatal to consume.

Do you have these flowers growing in your garden?

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