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Jun 05

Lilacs are a beautiful and aromatic flower. Lilacs have a strong scent that carries quite a distance. Unfortunately, Lilacs bloom for only a very short couple of weeks in the spring. There are early, mid and late varieties; so with variety, planning and luck you may be able to see Lilacs in bloom for up to six weeks. Weather will have a lot to do with how long your blooms last…

Westdale Florist Flower Shop, Hamilton, Ontario - Liliacs

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Lilacs should be grown in full sun, and prefer rich, well-drained soil.

Flowers can range in color from the most popular pink to purple, although white and yellow varieties are also available.

Lilac bushes also offer a good source of shade and privacy.

Provide good air circulation by keeping the branches pruned. Prune right after blooming is over. Also cut the dead flowers off when they’re done blooming. This will prevent the seed from forming and thereby promote more profuse flowering next spring.

Lilacs are now in bloom. Enjoy them while you can.

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